Guide To Wedding Lighting

Lighting is one of the most impactful investments you can make in your wedding

From fairy-lights and candles to up-lighters and pinspots, paying a little attention to your wedding lighting can add drama, ambience, and really draw attention to an ornate venue or make a simple setting, all the more special.

A little goes a long way with lighting, and even the most impressive-looking rigs can be surprisingly simple. While many areas of wedding decor (bunting, flowers, origami or pom poms) take a lot to make a big impression, being creative, or hiring professionals to accent your space with lighting, could be all the decoration you need.

We’ve wanted to bring you a basic guide to wedding lighting for a while now, but with all the technical lingo. So here we go…


This is a great, and beautifully simply way to light any room. Lighting around the perimeter of the room can light walls and columns, and add colour that can be changed to suit a mood or theme.

Hanging Lamps

We can create custom hanging lamp decorations using these vintage light bulbs.  Their unique look and style are magnified when hung in clusters or long lines. We have lots of experience using these filament lamps and we know how to get the best look from them.  Combining these with our festoon lighting, or hanging them from droplet pendants with shades and cages added will give way to a more individual look.


Lighting can help create an ambience and provide a setting for your day. Using colours and effects lighting can help make your rooms feel warm, intimate and can provide the backdrop to you evening reception party.

Gobo Pattern Projection

A gobo pattern effect that can be put over the ceiling, and over the tables and is a cost-effective way of decorating the room.

Custom Gobos

You can have your initials projected onto a wall, floor, or ceiling by creating a gobo; an image that when you pass light through it projects the image onto a surface. A great way to personalise your wedding!


Highlight your tables centre piece with a technique called “pinspotting”. A narrow beam of light is used to light the centre of the table highlighting your beautiful floral centrepieces.

Festoon and Fairy Lights

Festoon and fairy lights are an excellent and cost effective way of decorating your venue. Festoon is suitable for outdoor spaces, gardens, marquees, tents, and high roofed venues.

Fairy lights can be placed around trees, bushes, stairways, and strung across ceilings to create a “canopy” effect. Equally a dropped-bulb effect is visually stunning.

So you’ve decided you love lighting and want to deck your wedding out in up-lighters, string lights, and those super cool hanging lamps….

Drop us a call ASAP.